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Online Video Marketing

Online Video marketing is much more effective than traditional TV, Yellow Pages, Magazines, Newspapers and Mailers.

Plus the visual elements of video enhance the power of communication. Video is a very powerful method of story telling. It is used to educate, promote and influence are buying decisions.

OptiVid Marketing LLC. understands the power of video. We are experts at producing complete online video marketing strategies for your company.

Our online video marketing solutions include: Professional video production services using high definition video equipment, video SEO integrated with social media and video email.

The end goal being for your company to reach more prospective customers.

Our professional team of video producers and SEO specialists will distribute and promote compelling videos custom designed for your business.

Our online video marketing service allows business owners the oppurtunity to embrace the power of video and to easily make it part of their overall marketing plan.

Our Marketing Strategy

Our video marketing strategy is to implement a set of best practices that need to be combined with producing, publishing, and syndicating your online video content.

Creating and publishing high quality video is our first task. We work with you step by step to create compelling videos that are shot in our studio using high definition video equipment.

We also offer video animation services using cartoons and other graphic effects.

The next step is to regularly produce new videos over a 12 month period with updated fresh content about your business.

We make your videos easy for the viewer to understand with a direct call to action like filling out a form, calling your business directly, or to click on a link.

After your videos are created we distribute, link and optimize them with the top video and social networking sites.

We make sure your video content displays properly on computers, smart phones and other types of mobile devices .

We analyze your videos for how they are ranking and send you monthly reports.

We also combine your video with email campaigns to help promote your business.

Our goal is to drive more highly targeted traffic to your business as we educate your customers with video that is both entertaining and informative.

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