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Video Production Services

Our first step is to have a meeting to better understand your marketing concept, then we assist you in the script writing process. Once we have your scripts written out the next step is to make a storyboard.


A storyboard visually tells a story of your video production panel by panel, kind of like a comic book.


Next we shoot your footage in our studio or on-site using someone with in your company or you can use one of our actors.


In the example video to your right we shot green screen footage of the client and combined it with a cartoon animation. This type of video makes amazing first impression that not only educates and motivates the viewer but also intrigues the viewer to want to learn more about your business.


We have found that a cartoon animation is very effective at explaining the issue and you the business owner are very effective at explaining the solution.


The end goal being able to keep your viewers attention long enough to effectively explain your marketing message.

This is a sample client video. If you would like to test out its ranking do a Google search for: Bowen Therapy Akron Ohio

Video Email Campaigns

We take your marketing strategy one step further by using Video Email. This type of strategy is very effective at feeding your viewers ongoing video content about your business.


After someone signs-up or opts in to your campaign they will start automatically receiving ongoing emails with your video content. This content can be special promotions, coupons or any thing you want to share about your business.


Our analytics track each email and reports weather it has been sent to the inbox, sent to the junk box and how many times it has been opened and viewed.


Video email is just one more way on how we can help build your viewing audience and effectively educate more people about your business.

What is Video SEO

Video SEO is how videos are indexed and found by the major search engines like Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Bing. Videos found in search results are very powerfull becuase of the visual way they connect with consumers.

Here are some of the Statistics about Video SEO.


According to a report by Forrester Research - A video listing is 53 times more likely to receive a top search ranking on Google over a website.


YouTube exceeds 2 billion views daily.


More than 70% of consumers watch online videos.


Online video is continually expanding and developing far into the future. As internet connectivity becomes more powerful and mobile browsing and connecting becomes more prevalent, and because top search engines like Google are paying very close attention to video content marketing, it will become crucial for companies to use online video marketing and video SEO tactics to boost search engine rankings.